Case studies

In Global politics we have

  • Specific examples

    • It is impossible to list all of these real world examples.

    • These are smaller examples e.g. Ukraine-Russian interstate war or Bollywood as an example of soft power.

    • Tip: the best way to expand your knowledge of specific examples is reading/ listening to global news sources.

  • Case studies

    • These are larger than specific examples.

    • They will take more time to study and the best case studies will be chosen by your teacher to interlink between multiple parts of the course.

In your exams, you will refer to both specific examples and case studies. Using specific examples alongside case studies will demonstrate breadth and depth to the examiner.

Throughout the course you should keep adding each case study to a printed copy of the syllabus. One of the most frequent barriers for students is when they reach their mock exams and realise they haven't kept ordered notes or track of the case studies.