Which world are we living in?

This activity provides an introduction to different approaches to Global Politics.

Task 1:

Read and complete the worksheet.

If you need access to the edition of the magazine please email me.

Summer Foreign Affairs

Task 2:


  1. You have 10 minutes to complete as much of this sheet as you can individually.

  2. You have 10 minutes to collect information from your peers.

Which World Are We Living In Summary

Task 3:


  1. On your post-it, write down the approach that you most agreed with.

  2. In groups you have 5 minutes to free debate your opinions.

  3. As a group you must reach agreement of which is the approach you most agreed with.

Class Results:

  • 2 groups Tech

  • 1 goups Marxist

  • 1 group Tribal

How can we critique all of these articles collectively?

Which theories can you apply to your EA or next HL presentation?