IA Engagement Activity

Internal Assessment

Weighting: 25% at SL; 20% at HL

Students are required to write a maximum 2,000-word written report in which they explain what they learned about their chosen political issue through their engagement, and analyse and evaluate the issue, supported by additional complementary research. The requirements of the task are the same at both SL and HL. The maximum mark for the written report is 20 marks and it is assessed using assessment criteria.

1. Summary Guide

Summary Guide_ Engagment Activity.docx

For more detailed information refer to the Pearson chapter.

2. Possible Activities


3. Proposal Form

Engagement Activity Proposal

5. Activity Planning and Reflections

IA EA Activity Planning

6. Writing the EA

A Simple Structure for the Engagement Activity Report.pdf

Secondary Sources

Use Google Scholar for secondary resources. If you can not access an article email me, do not pay for access.


Save frequently and in version order:



Email the files to yourself or store them online.

Don't be that student!

Research Tools

It is crucial that you are well prepared for your interviews/ focus groups. You only have one chance and you will be very upset if I criticise your questions after you've done the interview.

There is a lot of advice on the web. Use it.

7. Peer Mark

IA EA Draft Feedback

8. First Draft Feedback

IA EA Moderation Cover Sheet

Additional Resources

Assessment criteria for the written report

Criterion A: Identification of issue and justification (4 marks)

  • Is the political issue explored through the engagement identified?

  • Is there a clear explanation of why this particular engagement and political issue are of interest to the student?

  • Is there a clear link between the engagement and political issue on one hand and course content on the other hand?

Criterion B: Explanation of the engagement (4 marks)

  • Is the description of the engagement and of what the student actually did clear and relevant for their chosen political issue?

  • Is there a clear explanation of the ways in which the student’s experiences informed his or her understanding of the political issue?

Criterion C: Analysis of issue (6 marks)

  • To what extent does the student analyse the political issue?

  • To what extent does the student justify his or her main points?

Criterion D: Synthesis and evaluation (6 marks)

  • To what extent does the student synthesize his or her experiences and research in the discussion of the political issue?

  • To what extent does the student show evidence of evaluation, underpinned by his or her experiences and adequate research, to allow multiple perspectives on the political issue?