Revision tips:

  1. Start early.

  2. Create revision notes for each unit- as you go.

  3. Be structured.

  4. Time past paper practice.

  5. A common mistake is to spend more time revising the sections you like, rather than the sections most difficult.

  6. Sleep, eat, exercise.

Using the syllabus:

  • Print the syllabus pages. This is your main document to structure your revision.

  • Annotate on to the syllabus case studies, key words and key content.

  • Tick of the areas that you have made revision notes for.

  • Flag the areas that you find most challenging.

  • If you don't understand a chunk of content, write a specific question about what you don't understand and ask your teacher.

Revision booklets written by UWC teachers

Content and Concepts.pdf

content and concepts

Theories and Theorists.pdf

theories and theorists

Ben Fugil @UWC Costa Rica