Contested meanings of development

3.1.1 What is 'development'?

3.1.1 What is development


World Bank Lending Groups

These are the global standards for LIC/ MIC/ HIC.

  • Which nations surprise you?

3.1.2 Knowledge gaps?

3.1.2 Development Gaps/ Knowledge Gaps


Extension Video

3.1.3 Perspectives on 'development'?

3.1.3 Measuring Development


3.1.3 Approaches to Development


Writing Task

How does the concept of a country’s development change depending on the definition of development?

Answer with reference to at least two definitions of development and two countries.

Paper 2 Essay Question

‘Definitions of development that stress meeting basic needs should be replaced with

definitions that focus on well-being.’ Discuss this statement. (Nov 2017)

End of 3.1