Factors that may promote or inhibit development

Introductory Documentary

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3.2.1 Factors relating to development

3.2.4 Factors


Population Growth


3.2.2 Regional study: Sub Saharan Africa and Jose's Development Economics 101

Jose's Presentation.pdf

Jose's Presentation


Development 101 Reading

3.2.1 Introduction_to_African_Politics_----_(Pg_18--41).pdf

SSA Reading

3.2.3 Oil: Development, Geopolitics and Dependency

3.2.3 Oil


3.2.3 Mini Case Studies Oil


Shell and Eni embroiled in ‘unholy mess’ over Nigerian oil.pdf

Extension Reading

Case Studies comparison: United Arab Emirates and Nigeria


In pairs, use the four sources to complete the writing frame worksheet.

You are making a comparison of how oil reserves can promote and/ or inhibit development.

Remember to think about development through different lenses!

3.2.3 Oil Dependency?


Bonus sources

3.2.4 Natural resources, conflict and tax

Case Study: The Democratic Republic of Congo

Task: watch the documentary and then use the sources to complete the worksheet.

Documentary Trailer


3.2.4 DRC Worksheet

Source 1: World Bank Statistics

Case Study and Syllabus links

The documentary speaks a lot about the connections to Rwanda (and Uganda). Return to your notes from the Rwandan genocide case study in the Human Rights unit and complete the reading on President Kagame. How do you view his leadership? (BBC article)

2019 DRC Elections

Free and fair? How much international pressure was on Kabila to hold elections after his decision to cancel them in 2016? Was the election rigged? (FT article)

3.2.4 International Institutions

Essay Questions

Examine the view that successful development cannot be achieved without addressing

political inequality. (May 2016)

Discuss the view that social factors such as gender relations or migration can both help and

hinder development. (May 2016)

To what extent is the achievement of political and social stability essential for development? (May 2017)

Discuss the view that harmful environmental factors represent the greatest threat to

successful development. (Nov 2017)

End of Section 3.2