Causes and parties to conflict

4.2.1 Causes of conflict

4.2.2 Causes of Conflict


4.2.2 Tools fo conflict analysis

4.2.3 Causes analysis


4.2.2 Elements for Conflict Analysis

Case Study Round 1 Worksheet

This book has many flaws- as all books do- however the chapters are fairly short and give us a starting point for case studies. We will choose 3-5 as a class and analyse them using the worksheet and conflict analysis tools.

Case Studies

4.2.2 Case Study Presentations

Task: Case Study Round 1

  • In pairs, complete a case study sheet for your allocated conflict and a short powerpoint presentation.

  • You need to present a summary of the conflict to the class.

  • Please remember to include references/ hyperlinks to sources so we can fact check/ read more.

GloPo IB Case Study Template


Class of 2017

Class of 2018

4.2.5 The Essay Sprint

Essay question

Compare and contrast the causes of two conflicts you have studied. (25 marks)

4.2.5 The Essay Sprint


4.2.4 The Essay Sprint


See the Resources page for additional tips on essay writing.

End of Section 4.2