Peace and conflict

4.4.1 Resolving Conflict

Class Simulation

You have been asked to resolve the conflict between House 4 building and House 6 building at UWCRBC. What you know is:

In October, H4 students lodged a noise complaint about H6.

In November, food from the fridges in H4 disappeared.

In December, the fire alarm went off in the night twice in H6.

In January, H4 students found a dead mouse in their building entrance.

In February, H4 students wrote an article in Our Map and The Flying Dutchman talking about how H6 had been undermining the UWC values by spreading rumours around campus that H6 had been violent towards them and had violated the sovereignty of H4 by taking their pot plants.

Use the 3 conflict analysis tools to create a plan of how to manage and resolve the conflict.

4.4.1 Resolving Conflicts






4.4.2 Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding

4.4.2 Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding


4.4.2 Peace Processes





CSP Report- A Global System in Flux - Pursuing Systems Change for Locally-Led Peacebuilding Robert Bosch.pdf

Robert Bosch Stiftung

Ending-Wars-Building-Peace 2008.pdf


Case Study: Colombia- FARC

Colombia peace case study.pdf

4.4.3 Challenges and Successes

Case Study: Lessons learned in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is an excellent case study for peacebuilding. But we need to separate the different actors involved. Main ones include:

  • The UN mission is called United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

  • Part of the US efforts in Afghanistan includes there own Nation-Building programme.

  • Dozens of state and non-state actors such as UK DFID, Norwegian Church Aid, ICRC, etc.

We can draw lessons from both of these programmes but you should be careful not to confuse them.


Task 1

Use only the contents pages from readings 1-3 to make a mindmap of the areas and challenges within peace-building in Afghanistan.

Aid, Conflict and Peacebuilding Afghanistan.pdf

Reading 1

Afghan People_s Dialogue On Peace.pdf

Reading 2

Afghanistan peace.docx

Reading 3

Task 2

Make a short summary of the UNAMA mission and activities.

How are they funded?



Task 3

Watch the video and use the article to identify the major challenges to the US nation-building effort in Afghanistan.

Access other SIGAR reports here.

17 years in, Afghanistan war gets another commander russia today.mp4


Opinion _ Back to Nation-Building in Afghanistan. Good. - The New York Times.pdf



SIGAR 2018

4.4.4 Group Case Studies


For this section of the course it is important that you have a lot of mini-case studies to draw on for the Paper 2 essay questions.

In groups you must prepare a case study sheet for your allocated case study. You will be asked to explain the case study to the class without slides. In preparation, you must interview students from each of these countries

  • Peacemaking: Colombia, Yemen

  • Peacekeeping: Western Sahara, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Peacebuilding: Kosovo, Burundi

  • Truth and Reconciliation: Sierra Leone, El Salvador

We will continue with Truth and Reconciliation in the Human Rights units when we study the ICC.

GloPo IB Case Study Template


Essay questions:

Tip: a lot of the paper 2 questions for the P&C unit (4) will refer to evolution of conflict (4.3) and the resolution of conflict (4.4) BUT to answer the questions well, you will need to incorporate learning from sections 4.1 and 4.2.

"Peacebuilding is arguably more important than peacemaking, yet it is given much less funding and attention." To what extent do you agree with this claim?

Compare and contrast two different approaches to peacemaking in one armed conflict you have studied.

Evaluate the success of third-party involvement in transforming one intra-state conflict away from violence and towards positive peace.

“Transforming armed conflict towards peace relies on an interrelationship of peacemaking, peace keeping and peace building.” Discuss this statement.

End of unit 4.