Many frequent users will have noticed this website has stagnated since 2019. That's because I was living in a part of the world where politics are sensitive and internet usage is monitored. As of August 2021, I'm happy to share that I have moved location and resumed teaching Global Politics and will be doing my best to update- and improve!- this site.

Suggestions, complaints and resource ideas are welcome, send them to glopopolis (at)

A note before you start:

IB Global Politics is not a linear subject, it draws from a compilation of four academic fields: International Relations, Human Rights, Development Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. There are many overlaps and connections so you should always ask yourself: which other sections of the course can I connect my current learning to?

Teachers will choose to organise the course in different ways. This might be by case study, by theme or by unit.

This website is organised by unit and sub-unit to help make exam revision easier but I do not teach in this order.